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The Metro Elite Hockey League was born on January 27, 2014. The goal of the MEHL is to grow hockey in the Metro New York area. The visionary was our late friend Jason Pagni.  This league is dedicated to Jason and it is our goal to fulfill his vision.
The MEHL is designed to support competitive hockey in the New York Metropolitan Area.  We will be guided by the fundamental principles of growing the game of hockey while following USA Hockey rules and regulations.  The only requirement is to have teams that are competitive on the ice, respectful in all aspects of the game, and supportive of one another.
The MEHL is comprised of two Tiers - Tier I AAA and Tier II AA.  The tiers will be further split into AAA Major and Minor by birth year. The AA Tier will be split into two divisions Gold and Silver so each level of play can be competitive.
The MEHL looks forward to another great season.